An Annual Opportunity
Every Day!

Birthday emails tend to get better results than normal email campaigns. On average a 300% higher open rate and 100% higher
click-through rate.

Source: The Birthday & Anniversary Report, Experian

How Happy Birthday Advertising Works

People love receiving gifts for their birthdays. Happy Birthday Advertising will enable you to wish Local Consumers a Happy Birthday
while providing them with a well-timed offer from your business when they are most likely to use it.


We identify upcoming birthdays in your Local Market. You choose to send to the Birthday Celebrant, Household Family Member or BOTH.


Develop your own customized message or work with our professional in-house Graphics Department.


Choose how many days before the event you want the emails to deploy. Then choose how many reminders you wish to send.


You decide! Choose to limit the campaign to respondents in close proximity to your place of business or choose ZIP Codes.

Why Use Happy Birthday Advertising

Happy Birthday Advertising provides the tools and technology to target local consumers in a timely and cost-effective manner with a friendly reminder email about your company’s offerings and services just days prior to a consumer’s Birthday.

Personalize It

Personalize your Subject Line with your Company Name & Location.
We find that emails with personalized subject lines have 17% higher Open Rates.

Opt-In Database of 125 Million+

CityTwist's owns a dynamic opt-in database of 125 million+ unique consumers, representing 57% of the U.S. Internet community, or 1/3 of every household.

Highly Targeted

Further refine your target market with a full range of lifestyle selects
such as: Age, Income, Home Value, Homeownership, Gender, Presence of Children, Pets, Specific Interests and many others.

"Trusted Sender" to the Major ISPs

As a result, HBA's delivery servers have strong reputations, resulting in Inbox delivery. Advertisements are not categorically blocked by the ISPs, and HBA remains in constant communication with the ISPs via feedback loops.

Use Your Own List

Already have a customer list? Let us use our Append technology to provide you with a fresh, updated list including birthdates and mailing addresses. We can then deliver your message to known customers.

Guaranteed Delivery

Geographic Radius Inbox Delivery (GRID™) technology guarantees delivery of Email advertisements to finite consumer populations. GRID™ technology enables single and national businesses to advertise to defined market areas.

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